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“Every project is a new

As a translator, editor and proofreader, I am passionate about my work.

I hold a double degree in English Studies and Translation and Interpreting and am continuously dedicated to pursuing further training in this field. I am currently studying a Master’s programme in Institutional Translation.

Officially qualified as a Sworn English Translator-Interpreter since 1999, my specialty fields include law, marketing and business, human resources, commerce, education, tourism, health, nutrition and social issues.

Institutional Translation in various areas including cooperation and development, inequality, international policies and relations, environment and children’s rights is the main source of motivation in my work and professional practice.

One of my priorities is to maintain a direct, fluid and ongoing relationship with each of my clients. Building solid and effective relationships, based on trust and discretion is my personal approach.

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I provide the following professional linguistic services:


Specialised translation, sworn translation and creative translation (transcreation)

Revision, Editing and Proofreading

Self-revision, revision, quality check, editing and proofreading

Comprehensive Project Management

A process extending from the initial contact with the client to the completion of the project

Linguistic Consultancy

Comprehensive linguistic offer tailored to the specific needs of each individual client

Let’s start a project together

Every project is a new challenge that I take on and approach with the same energy and enthusiasm


Extensive, ongoing training

In this line of work you never stop learning

My university education was only the first step. Over the years I have complemented my training and specialisation through specific courses in translation, revision, editing, proofreading and other areas.

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Extensive, solid experience

You only learn how to translate by translating

Over 20 years in this professional field, I have had the opportunity to work on a large number and variety of texts, which have allowed me to develop and build on my niche in the market and enhance my specialist skills.

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To me every client is unique

...which is why I devote a substantial part of my time to developing an honest and close communication relationship, with the prime aim of learning about their aims, specific issues and expectations.

What my clients say about me

  • “I’ve worked with Carmen Maestro on numerous translation and revision projects over the last eleven years. She is an extremely efficient project manager, quick to respond to queries and often skilfully juggling the requirements of several jobs at a time. In reviewing my work, she strives for perfection and shows an excellent eye for detail. She is also flexible and has a sound understanding of the needs of both supplier and client, acting as an effective mediator between the two. She is an excellent communicator and a pleasure to deal with.”

    Rebecca Hendry
    Spanish>English freelance translator London, United Kingdom
  • “I can honestly say that Carmen Maestro is the most active and meticulous project manager I have ever worked with. Administratively she is always efficient, her instructions are clear, she is friendly, flexible and understanding, but also firm. She goes to a lot of trouble to provide a good service.”

    Charles Davis
    Freelance Spanish > English translator Valencia, Spain
  • “Carmen Maestro has been working as an English to Spanish freelance translator and editor since 2013 for Lunarmonia, an international translation agency specialising in topics such as international collaboration/development; economic, social, and sustainable development; ethics; gender issues; nutrition and poverty alleviation.
    She has always delivered outstanding translations and editing assignments within the deadlines agreed upon, and has demonstrated to be a qualified, talented, motivated and flexible Spanish linguist with excelllent communication skills.”

    Carole Salas
    Director Lunarmonia, S.L.
  • “Carmen Maestro has collaborated with our translation business for over twelve years and during that time she has worked on large and small-scale translation projects paying great attention to detail, complying with tight deadlines, showing flexibility and proving to be a vital member of our translating team.”

    Leah Weswater-Smith
    Project Manager / Managing Director Ad-verbatim Traducciones, S.L.
  • “I have worked several times with Carmen Maestro, and she always provides excellent, reliable translation services. You can count on Carmen.”

    Justin Peterson
    External Translation Collaborator Vaughan Systems

Excitement, enthusiasm and commitment in each new project