As a professional language services provider, I cover the following areas:


Specialised, sworn and creative translation (transcreation)

Translation has been my main line of work from the outset. Over my 20-year professional career I have had the opportunity to specialise, enhance my skills in various fields and expand into new markets.

Translation competencies

  • Accuracy, consistency and faithfulness to the spirit, style and nuances of the original text
  • Good knowledge of terminological and reference research techniques
  • Ability to use all reference and information sources and conduct research
  • Ability to work under pressure and maintain adequate speed and volume of output
  • Persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges
  • Calmness in stressful situations
  • Technology skills, CAT tools & translation memories; own licence
  • Efficiency in fulfilling commitments, meeting deadlines and achieving results



Revision, Editing and Proofreading

Self-revision, revision, quality check, editing and proofreading 

Competency in revision (bilingual) and editing and proofreading (monolingual) is acquired through practice and experience, working on many translations until you become and expert on the subject, and possessing a thorough, meticulous command of the target language.

Revision, editing and proofreading competencies

  • Extensive experience reviewing translations on a broad range of subjects
  • Balance between over-correction and under-correction
  • Accuracy, attention to detail, precision
  • Ability to work as a self-reviser
  • Terminology and style consistency
  • Adapting and tailoring a text to the particularities of the target culture
  • Preparation of glossaries and technical vocabularies
  • Thorough knowledge of spelling rules (continuously updated)
  • Meeting agreed deadlines; following the instructions or guidelines provided by the client
  • Quality checking
  • Providing feedback to translators

Project Management

A process including the initial contact with the client, processing the request, allocating the work, performing a quality check, delivery, and completion and closure of the project.

Project management competencies

  • Counselling and assisting translators and briefing them on the procedures they need to follow
  • Effective leadership and negotiation skills both with clients and translators/interpreters
  • Ability to work well in team
  • Requesting and providing feedback
  • Ability to make decisions independently to resolve issues
  • Consulting to clients to determine the best translation approach
  • Liaising between translator and client on any issues requiring clarification
  • Business marketing and self-promotion
  • Creation of a client base. Client-relation promotion and maintenance
  • Coordination and tracking of projects in accordance with text function, time and budget constraints
  • Strong planning, administration and management
  • Search and creation of new pools of translators and revisers
  • Rate-establishment with translators and revisers, and payment
  • Budget preparation; invoicing
  • Supplier-contact maintenance and payment

Linguistic Consultancy

Comprehensive assessment tailored to the specific needs of each individual client

In-depth communication with the client to learn about their aims, providing advice and guidance, reviewing the pros and cons, drawing up a work plan, follow-up, etc.












What my clients say about me

  • “After meticulous process I found M. Carmen Maestro and her company BABEL TRADUCCIONES at I pocked her and her company because of exceptional testimonials and user satisfaction. The project we worked and are still working on is more complex than standard translation. It requires more effort and coordination. I am completely satisfied with provided service and will definitely use her translation & proofreading services in the future.”

    Zoran Marincic
    2atOnce Ltd, London, UK
  • “Carmen Maestro has collaborated with our translation business for over twelve years and during that time she has worked on large and small-scale translation projects paying great attention to detail, complying with tight deadlines, showing flexibility and proving to be a vital member of our translating team.”

    Leah Weswater-Smith
    Project Manager / Managing Director Ad-verbatim Traducciones, S.L.
  • “I can honestly say that Carmen Maestro is the most active and meticulous project manager I have ever worked with. Administratively she is always efficient, her instructions are clear, she is friendly, flexible and understanding, but also firm. She goes to a lot of trouble to provide a good service.”

    Charles Davis
    Freelance Spanish > English translator Valencia, Spain
  • “I’ve worked with Carmen Maestro on numerous translation and revision projects over the last eleven years. She is an extremely efficient project manager, quick to respond to queries and often skilfully juggling the requirements of several jobs at a time. In reviewing my work, she strives for perfection and shows an excellent eye for detail. She is also flexible and has a sound understanding of the needs of both supplier and client, acting as an effective mediator between the two. She is an excellent communicator and a pleasure to deal with.”

    Rebecca Hendry
    Spanish>English freelance translator London, United Kingdom
  • “Desde el año 2000 mantenemos una relación profesional de lo más satisfactoria con Carmen Maestro. Necesitamos en muchas ocasiones y con urgencia traducciones jurídicas y juradas de inglés que Carmen nos está proporcionando con una gran perfección, profesionalidad y rapidez, cualidades que se valoran mucho cuando hay que respetar plazos administrativos.
    El trato personal con Carmen es muy sencillo, directo y para quienes formamos Alpujarra Conect, muy familiar.”

    Inmaculada Hidalgo Morón
    Alpujarra Conect CB