About me

Passionate about languages

I have just marked 20 years since I embarked on my career as a professional translator, and I can only say that there is no greater privilege than devoting your efforts to your true passion. Enjoying one’s work is a luxury, a luxury I experience every day. To me, every project is a new challenge that I take on and approach with the same commitment and enthusiasm as the first day.

I hold a double degree in English Studies and Translation and Interpreting and my urge to carry on learning, improving and perfecting my knowledge and skills is constant. I am currently studying a Master’s programme in Institutional Translation.

Studying Translation and Interpreting is one of the best choices I have ever made and it has unquestionably been a turning point in my personal and professional experience.

In 1999 I was appointed Sworn English Translator-Interpreter by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Soon after, in 2001, I started my professional translation and interpreting services company in Granada, Babel Traducciones.

My main specialty fields include law, marketing and business, human resources, commerce, education and training, tourism, health, nutrition and social issues.

Among my areas of interest I would like to highlight institutional translation, catering to institutions and international organisations. Cooperation and development, inequality, international policies and relations, environment and climate change, poverty, armed conflicts, children’s and underprivileged group’s rights… are the main sources of motivation in my work and professional practice.

passion, dedication, motivation


Every text I take on becomes a new challenge.

You never stop learning in this line of work. I approach every new project with absolute commitment, passion and dedication.